Poor installation of new furnace and A/C unit.

Poor repair on foundation.

Inadequate clearance and leaking sewer line.

Over heated connections.

Shows high point of floor.

Leak from angle stop valve.

Shows fill valve leaking by the seal.

Water damage around door frame.

Open joint near driveway garage door.

Movement of back garage wall and footing.

Shows dryer vent going into the attic.

Years of lent in attic. Fire hazard.

Rusted damper that has not been cleaned in years.

Broken floor under A/C Unit. Wasn't seen under carpet or flooring.

Poor installation of A/C lines in attic.

Non-supported floor beam and improperly notch beam.

Overheated wood ceiling from poor stack joint.

Drip pan under A/C unit has an extra drip bucket.

Railing needed.

Freeze break due to window and veneer brick separation. Water getting into wall.

Settling crack across patio into brick steps.

Owners not changing filter regularly.

Both units need to be cleaned before sale.

Old furnace has excessive rust in combustion chamber.

Copper pipe used instead of flex gas line.

Gable vent has loose screen.

Separation of brick wall due to drainage and standing water.

Damage to wall and patio behind home.

Roof, deck and fascia damage due to debris in gutters.

Wall settling and leaning.

Blower from fireplace is missing ground plug.